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Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness

The word SPA means “health through water”.  Today SPA in Bulgaria means strength and beauty through the magic of the Bulgarian thermal water springs.With its more than 800 mineral springs with different curative characteristics and chemical composition ,the country disposes with some of the best spa resorts, hotel complexes and spa centres in Europe.


It is 48 km southwest of Pazardzhik and 86 km from Plovdiv. The abundance of mineral waters in the region, the modern balneology, resort and tourist facilities, the clement climate and the wonderful natural conditions provide conditions for holiday making of more than 200 000 people every year.

The greatest wealth of Velingrad are its mineral springs – more than 70 in number with temperature ranging from 22° to 90°C and flow of more than 150 l per second. The catchment area extends over about 800 sq km. Three thermal zones have taken shape: Chepino, Ludzhene and Kamenitsa, whereby half of the water resources come from the Chepino spring. They are used for the treatment of diseases of the loco-motor system, neurological, liver, abdominal, dermatological and other diseases. Scores of balneology sanatoriums, public health establishment, rest houses, private villas, etc. have been built. Climatic treatment of non-specific lung diseases, neuroses, post-pneumatic conditions, as well as mud treatment are also applied in the resort centre.

This is one of the largest national spas of international renown. It is located 42 km north of Plovdiv and 167 km east of Sofia. The properties of the Hissarya mineral water, the pure air and beneficial climate, combined with various kinds of therapy and the help of highly qualified specialists secure good results in the treatment of a number of diseases.


Hissarya has more than 20 mineral springs, suitable for the treatment of kidney and urological, bladder and liver, rheumatic and other diseases. The specialized health care establishments apply physiotherapy, aroma therapy, phyto-therapy, classical and eastern massage, mud treatment, etc. Patients are offered consultations not only concerning their ailments, but also as to their healthy way of life after treatment. Balneology centres, pavilions for drinking of water, numerous sanatoriums, scores of holiday making facilities, private and office villas, etc. have been built in the spa. There is an open-air pool of mineral water and a beach, numerous parks and gardens.


This is a climatic treatment and balneology resort of international fame. It is located about 40 km northwest of Smolyan and 103 km from Plovdiv.

Its mineral waters (local and from the Bedenski mineral baths) are suitable for the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of the loco-motor system and the nervous system, of gynecological, liver and other diseases. A balneology sanatorium has been built and a beach with a mineral water pool has been opened. The spa is particularly popular in the Scandinavian countries. The Devin natural mineral water, extensively used for drinking, is ecologically pure.

Apart from the wealth of its mineral waters, Devin is also known for its exceptionally healthy climate. The rocky elevations around and the forests are a true barrier to the cold and strong northwest winds. Devin enjoys a great number of sunny days throughout the whole year; its winters are extremely mild, while the summers are fresh and cool. The air is fresh and pure with no industrial pollutants. The closeness of the fragrant coniferous forests, the rivers rich in trout, the wild goats living in the wilderness (a rarity for the Rhodope mountains) and the cordial hospitality of the local mountain people turn Devin into a favourite town for holiday making and visits.


This is all year-round national resort and spa. The region has been known from Roman times as a curative and rehabilitation centre. It is located 15 km southeast of Berkovitsa. The clean air, healthy climate, forests and mineral waters (with temperature of 20°-38°C), which are beneficial for the treatment of cardiovascular, neurological, abdominal and gastrointestinal and other diseases have long earned is well-deserved fame. A specialized rehabilitation hospital has been operating in the resort; numerous holiday making facilities and villas have been built.

Pavel Banya

This is a spa of national and international importance, 22 km west of Kazanluk and 33 km east of Karlovo. The mineral waters have temperature of between 49° and 56°C, weakly mineralized, containing radon, silicon and fluorine. There are 7 mineral springs with a total flow of 950 l per min. The spa has been specialized for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory orthopedic diseases of the loco-motor system, the peripheral nervous system, the spinal cord and others. Particularly good results are obtained in the treatment of plexitis, lumbodynia and radiculitis. The public heath care centre specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with discitis. A large rehabilitation compound with more than 500 beds and modern medical equipment has been built in the resort along with various balneology treatment and auxiliary establishments. It has a big sporting and beach complex (the swimming pool is of Olympic size).

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