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Imagine a world without Italy! Art without Leonardo. Sculpture without Michelangelo. Literature without Dante. Music without Verdi nor Puccini. No Fellini movies nor Ferrari sound.

The world would be like a rainbow without its brightest colors.

The most intense blue by Rafael, The divine red by Valentino, The ink blank of the espresso.

Italy is not only a country. Italy is passion! We know it, we love it and we will show you all of its charming beauty!


The Italy's island of love.

Capri needs not only to be visited, Capri needs to be lived.

To know Capri is like a love at first sight which becomes stronger and stronger with time. The island was a favourite place of the etrusian, greeks and romans.

Nowadays is also our favorite place where we will charm you with a selection of boutique hotels among lemon tree woods and sailing to the Blue cave, emperor Tiberius beloved place.


Cradle of the Renaissance and home to its greatest architectural, sculptural and artistic masterpieces.

Home to the breathtaking masterpiece Santa Maria del Fiore. The majestic Cathedral dominated the city's landscape creating the feeling of coziness and admiration before the Italian Genius.



The Eternal City

Rome is eternal, but always ready to surprise us with its magic.

We will take you to the out of the common path places and will create once in a lifetime experiences.

We will love to create you memorable experience in any part of Italy according to your specific preferences. Please contact us for more information.

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The itinerary could be tailor - made.

We will be glad to offer you more exciting experiences in this destination.

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