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Terms and Conditions

Reservation and travel registrations

The reservation and travel registration can be made by phone, internet, fax, or in the Kiara Travel office.
The reservation is considered valid only after the signing of a contract for organized travel and deposit.


Office +359 56 840005

Prices and methods of payment

Payments can be made in cash, debit or credit card, or a bank transfer to the Company. Payments are made in BGN with the BNB exchange rate for the day of payment.

Deposits.  The deposit is between 30% and 50% of the total end price, unless otherwise stated in the contract for the organized travel of the Company. The customer pays the deposit at the moment of the signing of this contract, unless otherwise stated.

Final payment is made 30 days before the date of travel.

Change of price is possible when: there is an increase in the transportation costs (including gas); change in the amount of taxes related to the services in the contract (i.e. airport, marine and other taxes); change in the exchange rate applicable to the contract between the date of its signing to the date of the travel. The increase in the price follows the change of the increase spending costs and the method of calculation is proportional to the increase of the stated costs. The method of calculation in this case is that the end price is increase only with the real increase of the component that has influences the change in the costs.


For travels in country that require visa for EU citizens, the Company will cooperate of the Client in presenting him/her with the required documents (hotel and/or flight reservation, voucher, bus or airplane tickets, insurance). Upon Client’s request, the Company will prepare and present the visa documents to the respective embassy. In this case the Client is obliged to present the Company with the required documents, as well as to pay for the visa costs. Failure of presenting the documents, the non-payment of the visa costs, or the non-presence at the embassy for a required visa interview, is considered as a travel cancellation by the Client.

The issuance of visa for a country is entirely in the competence of the respective country embassy and is not guaranteed by the Company. The visa costs paid by the Client are non-refundable in case of a declined visa request by the country embassy. The amount of the visa costs is listed ……………….

Terms and conditions
The Company is required to:

Present the tourist services paid by the Client in regard to the terms of the contract.

Make the required for travel outside Bulgaria insurance “Medical costs in case of illness or accident” for the Client in compliance with the standard terms and conditions of the insurance companies that it presents, unless in the cases when the Client travels in the EU countries and possesses a valid European Health Insurance card.

The company has the right to cancel the contract without any residual responsibility if the Client does not comply with the payment terms that leads to failure to comply with hers/his obligations. The payment is proved valid when the respective official payment document is presented. In the cases when the Client has made the deposit but has failed to make the residual payment in the defined time-frame, the Client is considered to have denied the travel and the deposit is not returned.

The Company has the required insurance “Responsibility of the Tour operator” with Insurance Company “EuroIns” Ltd.  43, “Hristofor Columbus” bld. Sofia, Bulgaria. The Certificate for the Insurance coverage is

№ 37 – 00001519 / 02.07.2010. The Company is required to present the Client with the Certificate before the travel according to ……………………….

The Client is required to:

Present the required documents for travels outside Bulgaria (valid ID, or passport when required).

If the Client is a minor (under the age of 18) and is travelling without both her/his parents, she/he has to present an officially verified signed declaration for travel consent from both parents (if the minor is travelling with only one parent she/he present the required document from the other parent).

Pay the full amount in the terms stated in the signed contract.

Abide to the laws and regulations to the country she/he travels to.

A Client that intends to travel to or make a stop in a country with an increased risk of infectious diseases, she/he is obliged to take the entire range of precautious actions according to the international medical requirements.

The Client has the right to transfer all rights and obligations related to the contract to a third party that fulfills all above stated requirements, up to 30 days before the travel if it is in Bulgaria, or until the issuance of the flight ticket for travels outside the country. The third party declared on the contract that accepts all terms and conditions under the contract and that accepts the transfer, as well as that she/he is fully informed for the travel before accepting the transfer, unless in the cases where the airtravel companies do not allow change of name or transfer of these rights to a third party.